Well, hello there! 


Sean Solo Sabers was created out of a strong desire to share my love of Star Wars with you :) I grew up in the same home town of George Lucas, so it's a point of pride that I now sell something connected to him!

2 blocks away from my house was a monument to one of his first movies, American Graffiti. It was inspiring to know that someone with a humble beginning could become arguably one of the greatest film makers of his era, maybe even of all time. 

So I found myself, at some point, without purpose. I knew I loved these movies, and I loved helping people (studied psychology) and had a big passion for technology (especially cars). While I was trying to figure it all out, I started collecting these custom lightsaber things - I was hooked INSTANTLY. 

I found parters who can produce the sabers in a reliable way, so I could offer this awesome technology at a very reasonable price (compared to other custom saber options). 

I now understand that I firmly stand with the "light side." What that means to me: 

"I believe that customer service is most important. Without treating your customers well, you don't deserve to be in business, and definitely don't deserve to be selling these sabers! The path forward in business is the Jedi path." 

What that means for you: 

  1. You have a 1 year warranty on all sabers, protecting you against any defects in how the saber arrived to you (doesn't cover damage caused by customization). 
  2. You also have a 7 day return policy, no questions asked. If you don't like your saber, simply return it in as-new condition for a full refund. 
  3. You get LIFETIME tech support! Any software updates or answering questions about your saber, for however long you own it, is FREE!

You'll love your purchase, I guarantee it! I know this is true because as a true fan of Star Wars and owner of multiple sabers from my suppliers, I can tell you I'm thrilled with their products.

Looking forward to meeting you, and happy to answer any questions!

All the best, and May The Force Be With You, Always :)