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General Questions

I prioritize all orders by when they’re submitted, and ship as soon as I’m able. Total turnaround time is typically 3 weeks from date of purchase to delivery, often sooner. 

Comes with everything already installed, plus battery and charger! Just charge the battery when it arrives and you’re ready to go!

You can literally make the blade any color you like, it uses LED technology to achieve this.

Yes! I wouldn’t recommend proper combat training for hours a day, daily however. For now and then, light - medium dueling they’re perfect.

Depends on a couple things, I’d say if you’re 5’10” any size works, 32” might feel more comfortable. Below 5’10” I’d go with 32”. Above 5’10” either one.

1" for all sabers. The Kylo Ren also has a 1" main blade and the 2 side blades are 3/4". The Ahsoka curved saber has 7/8" size blade.


I often run sales, and offer my best pricing to all my customers!

My pixel blades are 50 watts

Tech Questions

They are both the same when it comes to smoothswing and sound quality. In general the golden harvest is more adjustable, like how the effects show on the blade.

It's more of a premium sound board for folks who like dialing it in to exactly how they want it. Xenopixel works great out of the box, you can change some aspects just not as many as golden harvest.

The Golden harvest is more adjustable without any programming required, although the proffie is the 2 button setup whereas golden harvest is only 1 button.

Absolutely! You see one on Youtube: Click Here To View Xenopixel V2 Demo

1. Kylo Ren

2. Rey (TFA)

3. Dark Saber

4. Obi Wan Kenobi (old Ben)

5. Darth Maul

6. Taron Malicos (Fallen Order)

7. Ben Solo

8. Darth Sidius (Palpatine)

9. Count Dooku

10. Obi Wan Kenobi (prequels)

11. Darkness (Revan-Sith ??)

12. Darth Vader

13. Cal Kestis (Fallen Order)

14. General Leia

15. Revan (Light Side)

16. Luke Skywalker

17. Ascension

18. Rey (Graflex)

19. Rey (TROS)

20. Final Steps

21. Luke Skywalker

22. Dark Wolf

Unfortunately not right now. I used to do custom programming but I recently had a child and have been super busy with him and fulfilling all saber orders on time. I may add some of these options in the future but I don’t currently offer them.

It’s a 2-3 Watt, 4-8 Ohm 23mm loud/clear speaker


Send me a message with the chat feature, or send an email. I respond to all messages, unless answered by this FAQ, within 24 business hours (9-5 M-T PST)

All the best, and MTFBWYA!

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