Maul's Pixel Sabers + Staff Coupler

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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 7 Day Returns
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2 Pixel Blades, 2 Hilts, 2 XenoPixel V2 Smoothswing Electronics OR Golden Harvest V3 Phase 4 Smoothswing Electronics, 2 Charging Cables, Instructions



Blade Options: 32" or 36" Pixel Blade
Hilt: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction
Setup: 1 Button
22 Included Fonts (easily add your own to the sd card, no programming required!)
Blade Color: Infinitely Adjustable
Effects: Music Tracks, Mute Mode, Flash on Clash, Smoothswing, Lockup, Blaster Deflect, Tip Drag, Force Effects, Color Change Mode, Change Volume, Blaster Blade and More!
**Non-US customers are responsible for any applicable customs fees**



Blade Options: 32" or 36" Pixel Blade (1" Diameter)
Hilt: Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction
Setup: 1 Button
20+ Included Fonts
Blade Color: Infinitely Adjustable
Effects: Lightning Block, Music Track, Mute Mode, Flash on Clash, Smoothswing, Lockup, Blaster Deflect, Tip Drag, Force Effects, Color Change Mode, Change Volume, Blaster Blade and More!


A stunning saber fit for cosplay, learning saber moves like a true Jedi, or simply for display, this Smoothswing saber with Neopixel blade install is perfect for the enthusiast and collector alike.

Solid aluminum constructed hilt with Neopixel blade makes this saber durable enough to battle with friends, making your fan fiction movies much more realistic to shoot and a dream to watch, or live out your Jedi fantasies by wielding this powerful movie prop! This is truly high quality.

Smooth swing allows all your movements to be captured in real time, with precise 1:1 changes in sound, as if you’re actually swinging a real lightsaber! From the satisfying hum of idle to the clashes and loud hums of swinging the saber in battle, even deflecting laser bolts back at your enemies, this technology is a game changer, and in my opinion is worth the cost alone.


I want you to have an amazing experience, and I take this business very seriously. My Etsy reviews tell the tale, I’m very happy to answer any questions and mostly just want to share my passion for these movies with you, through making sure you get a very high quality saber! If you choose to buy from me, my wife, son and I sincerely thank you for your business :)


Sabers ship directly from the factory. Because of this, shipping time will depend on available stock on hand. Typically, you can expect to receive your saber 2-3 weeks after time of payment, and depending on availability can take up to 4 weeks. You may not receive a tracking number for 1-3 weeks, and will be updated the day your saber ships. I take your orders very seriously, and due to the saber installation process and availability, I ask for your understanding as we take the necessary time to ensure your new saber matches the quality you deserve.


You can return the item for any reason within 7 days, no questions asked, because I’m committed to your satisfaction. You must reach out within the 7 day window from the estimated delivery date to start the return process. If for some reason the delivery is delayed by shipper, any extra days are subtracted from the 7 days. You should receive your money back 14 days after the the item(s) is/are received back. Customer is responsible for return shipping and restocking fee of $25, and the saber must be in its original condition to receive a refund (no damage due to dueling, or marks on the blade from the retention screw). You must ship the item(s) in 1 shipment (using 1 shipping label) back within 14 days of return initiation.

I also offer a 1 year warranty if there is a defect. See section below about replacing the battery, if you don’t do it correctly you will void the warranty. These sabers are quite sturdy but for obvious reasons I cannot offer a warranty for damage due to dueling. If there are any defects the customer is responsible for return shipping. Please document any issue with photos and message me in my profile within 1 year of the product’s estimated shipping arrival date.

**Any adjustments made to the electronics or physical aspects of the hilt will void return policy and 1 year warranty**

I am not affiliated with Lucasfilm, Disney or Star Wars in any way. These are licensed terms of their respective owners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Dwayne Carpenter
Maul saber

Wonderful saber does more than 50 combination of activation and sound and the quail it’s is great me and my friend dueled for hour not a dent 5* great customer service as well personally answered all my question about my saber banking and shipping love it recommend to get this

Ioannis Rafail Kokkinos
Simply amazing

That’s my first lightsaber ever experience and I have to say Sean fullfiled it 1000% . The most amazing customer support ever experienced even before I even buy the lightsaber. Sean was there to answer all my questions about the soundboard , the way the item would come to me . My only concern was about the customs cos I live in the EU and customs here are ridiculous . Sean made it clear that I will not have to pay any and if I had he would cover the cost . It was all true I didn’t pay any customs Sean made true of his promise and my light saber came exacly 3 weeks after I ordered it . The outcome? The light saber was AMAZING no words can describe the quality and what it could do !!!! My only negative impression was that the container was a simple black paper box with rly midiocre protection but hopefully the insides where in perfect condition !!! THANK YOU SEAN for making my first lightsaber experience worth every cent , every day of waiting and thank you again for being an amazing guy!!!

Six Star rating, if possible!

At least ten sabers, I bought so far from different shops. But for sure, Sean Solo's sabers are the best. Quality is perfect, and the service even better. Saving money for the next Sean Solo saber now. I'm completely satisfied with the Maul's Sabers. THX, Sean!

Martin Olsen
Amazing quality and service!

I have just received my Darth Maul double lightsaber, and the quality, adjustability, handling and service is absolutely off the charts!
I cannot recommend this lightsaber and Sean Solo Sabers enough!


Oh WOW, seriously...WHOA..!!
UnF@ing believable!!...absolutely incredible...
The details...the craftsmanship....the entire dedication to the product...
I am So, at a loss for words at how Amazing it IS...!!

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